New publication on the composition of the European Commission’s expert groups, October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 09.54.14In October we published a new study for the European Parliament committee on budgetary control. The study is titled: Composition of the European Commission’s Expert Groups and the Status of the Register of Expert Groups. The study provides insights into the development, since 2012, of the Expert Groups system. The specific focus of this study is an assessment of the European Commission’s compliance with a set of European Parliament conditions attached to budget reserves.

‘The study finds that the European Commission, despite some progress, continues to fall short of full compliance with the European Parliament conditions on balance and transparency. Based on this study’s findings, it is considered that a more systematic approach to balance would help overcoming information asymmetries and contribute to throughput legitimacy. Enhanced transparency also has potential to enhance Expert Group outputs. This study therefore recommends a systematic approach to balance, the promotion of full transparency, more resources for Secretariat General oversight and enforcement, and the systematic evaluation of Expert Group performance at the level of the system of Expert Groups and for all individual Expert Groups.’


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