New study on cross-border public procurement in the EU, August 2105

Screenshot 2015-10-16 17.03.13In August we published a new study conducted for the European Parliament committee on budgetary control. The study is titled: The Use of EU Funds in Member States in Partnership with Companies (Contractors or Subcontractors) Outside of a Given Member State. Our data analysis shows that between 2012 and 2014, EU Member States awarded 113,749 contracts, related to EU funds, amounting to 116.17 billion EUR. Approximately 90% of these contracts (by value) were awarded to contract operators within the respective Member State. There were 2,882 cross-border contracts amounting to approximately 9.14 billion EUR. Italy and Spain accounted for 35% of all cross-border contracts by value. Poland, Romania, and Slovakia were the top cross-border buyers (5.5 billion EUR). Road infrastructure contracts dominated (by value) cross-border contracting in Poland, and rail-related contracts were predominant in Hungary. The EU Single Market aims to create a level playing field for business across the Union. With few public contracts going to foreign companies, one could raise questions about  the functionality of the Single Market for public procurement.