Publication of the Anti-Corruption Enforcement Monitoring Toolkit in Brussels, June 2015

imgSrc.php-4On 12 June, the University of Trento (eCrime) and the Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD) presented in Brussels the final Integrated Anti-Corruption Enforcement Monitoring Toolkit developed in light of the MONAC project funded by the European Commission. Ms Anabela Gago, Head of the Organised Crime Unit at the European Commission, highlighted that ‘innovative research is needed to support the work of the European Commission in the development of evidence-based anticorruption policy’. She acknowledged that the tool’s strength is its adaptability to the situations in various countries and institutions. This was illustrated by Dr Alexander Stoyanov and Professor Andrea di Nicola whom presented the findings of the pilot implementation of the toolkit in respectively Bulgaria and Italy.

More information on the event can be found here.
The MONAC project aimed to develop a monitoring and evaluation system on anti-corruption measures in the EU Member States. The two-year project was coordinated by CSD and carried out in collaboration with eCrime. Mike Beke was a member of the external expert panel and provided support during the course of the project. 
The final toolkit can be found here.