Presentation at the Foundation Ortega y Gasset in Madrid, June 2015

banner-01-XXVISeminarioOn 9 June 2015, Mike Beke presented at the XXVI Permanent Seminar on Public Administration and Economy organised by the Foundation Ortega y Gasset and Transparency International Spain. The seminar was held in Madrid and was titled ‘Transparency and Integrity: challenges for the public and private sector in Spain’. The President of the Transparency Council in Spain, Ms Esther Arizmendi inaugurated the event and launched the debate by outlining the challenges the Council is facing in order to implement the Spanish Law on Transparency, Access to Information and Good Government. After this, Ms Paloma Baena (OECD), Mr Luis de Sousa (TIAC-Portugal) and Mr Jermyn Brooks (Transparency International) laid out comparatives perspectives on transparency and integrity from the private and public sector. The third panel focused on the role of civil society and the private sector in promoting Open Government. During this session, Mike Beke discussed the use of Integrity Pacts as a tool to fight corruption in public procurement. The final panel consisted of experts on compliance from academia and the private sector.

More information on the seminar can be found here.