Launch of the first European Anti-Corruption Report, February 2014

Screenshot 2014-05-28 15.58.06In February the European Commission launched the first European Anti-Corruption Report. The report highlights that corruption remains to be a big challenge for the EU. Costs to the EU economy are estimated around 120 billion euros per year. The most recent Eurobarometer survey on corruption shows that 76% of citizens believe corruption is widespread. Today, the European Commission published a report providing a clear picture of the situation in each Member State: measures in place, outstanding issues, policies that are working and areas that could be improved.

The report provides an good overview of the situation in all EU Member States. It looks at strengths and weaknesses of measures in place, vulnerability of stakeholders and provides recommendations. The findings are partially based on the feedback received through the Network of Local Research Correspondents on Corruption for which Blomeyer & Sanz is responsible for Spain.

The full report and supporting documentation can be found here.

More information on Spain: ACR chapter on Spain and ACR Spain Fact Sheet.