European Parliament final report on organised crime, corruption and money laundering, September 2013

Screenshot 2014-05-28 16.04.07The European Parliament CRIM Committee presented their final report with recommendations for action in the EU to fight organised crime, corruption and money laundering. The work of the parliamentarians is supported by the studies conducted by Blomeyer & Sanz for the European Parliament.

The MEPs recommend in the report that people convicted for corruption are to be excluded from bidding for public procurement contracts anywhere in the EU and barred from running or holding any public office. Further, the report calls for an effective strategy to recover proceeds from crime as well as an abolishing of banking secrecy and eliminating EU tax havens. Finally, the MEPs urge that a European Public Prosecutor’s Office is established with adequate human and financial resources in order to coordinate national investigations and combat crimes affecting the EU’s financial interests.

The vote in the Plenary is scheduled for the session of 21-24 October 2013.

The full report prepared by us for the European Parliament on corruption in public procurement can be found here and the report on the impact of tax havens here.

Media output on the findings can be found here and here.