The Spanish Institutional Integrity Framework: current situation and recommendations, September 2012

Screenshot 2014-05-28 16.09.49On 28 September 2012, Transparency International Spain presented the new publication The Spanish Institutional Integrity Framework: current situation and recommendations at the Fundación Ortega y Gasset in Madrid. The publication analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish institutions, such as the legislature, executive and judiciary. Based on the research findings, TI Spain warns that instruments of integrity already in place are not enforced because bodies like public spending watchdogs are pressured by political parties defending short-term interest over long-term reform. The study was directed by Manuel Villoria, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the University King Juan Carlos, and coordinated by Mike Beke. Partly funded by the European Commission, it is part of the first ever comprehensive assessment of the ability of 300 national institutions across 25 European countries to fight corruption.