Regional workshop on the EU Anti-Corruption Report in Sofia, December 2012

The regional workshop was hosted by the European Commission, DG Home, in light of its activities on anti-corruption in the European Union. The main purpose of the workshop was to inform stakeholders about the work of the Commission and to obtain practical information from parties in the Member States on country-specific illustrative good and negative practices on anti-corruption. More than 80 experts participated, coming from southern, central and eastern EU Member States and representing public authorities, academia, NGOs, the business sector and media. Blomeyer & Sanz is providing technical assistance and support for a network of local research correspondents on corruption set up by the European Commission and therefor participated in the workshop. We presented the findings of a panel consisting of Spanish and Italian experts. The presentation gave an overview of good and bad practices in the respective countries regarding financing of political parties, systemic obstacles to investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption cases, transparency in lobbying, corruption in the private sector, whistleblower protection and ownership and independence of the media.