Local Research Correspondents on Corruption, May 2013

The New York Times quoted Professor Manuel Villoria on the work he conducts in collaboration with Blomeyer & Sanz for the European Commission’s network ‘Local Research Correspondents on Corruption’. The article describes how Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal are suffering from political corruption at the time that the governments are imposing severe austerity plans. The ‘revelations of widespread political corruption are stoking bitter resentment, destabilizing governments and undermining the credibility of the political class as a whole’, the New York Times continues. Villoria highlights that the housing market became during Spain’s boom an ideal environment for corruption. Now, he warns, new sectors such as the health care system might take the place of construction.

The studies of Blomeyer & Sanz in collaboration with Professor Villoria are periodically reported back to the European Commission and form the basis of the upcoming EU Anti-Corruption Report, foreseen to be published in 2013.